Google and Facebook: no more earnings for the sites of false news

Published on Nov 15, 2016

Recently, the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, has been accused of unintentionally conveyed the outcome of the american presidential elections – which saw the unexpected victory of Donald Trump – because of the spread through Facebook of the false information concerning both candidates.

A media event where Zuckerberg said that “99% of the content circulating on Facebook is authentic,” but that, unfortunately, is not limited to the recent events in the USA. Simply browse through our news feed: we realize that, at least one of our contacts has the habit of sharing news bogus racial, xenophobic, homophobic, or anything else spread by some sites with contents that are questionable – often scopiazzati from newspapers and journals, however authentic.

The why is soon told: thanks to the presence of ads, some sites manage to earn money is also important, spreading the news as fake but, having regard to the general discontent, are the dissemination and sharing among a wide circle of users to the social (not only Facebook).

And social speaking, there are two giants that, after the recent controversy, have decided to declare war to the sites of the so-called bufalari: Google and Facebook. In fact, both have recently declared the intention to ban certain sites from their ad networks, shutting literally the taps of the earnings.

And’ well known that the Ad Network of Facebook and Google AdSense are the circuits that better pay all those sites that, in terms of visits, are able to emerge. Therefore, both the giants line up openly on the side of truth, striking at the heart – or better, the wallets – of those who have decided to take profit from the news in the network by disseminating falsehoods, and the hoaxes, relying, therefore, on the shares and on the spread like wildfire.

A major move that Google and Facebook and a clear signal of the grid; of course, the sites that spread fuffa does not disappear from today to tomorrow, but make them inaccessible to two of the most attractive, profitable and simple-to-use networks to gain will certainly leave its mark.

With the hope that, in a future not too far away, the other Network can adopt a similar behavior.

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