Published on Feb 26, 2016

It is difficult to talk about it but sooner or later it had to happen and I needed a bit of time to chew, taste and digest everything. Were 4 years and 4 months incredible.
What I'm talking about? What has given us the mind of Mark Waid in the past few years.

Between the Marvel NOW and All New Marvel NOW, the two run of Waid, have really lit up the fate of the Devil.
In the first carriage ride, which began in 2011, with the Daredevil #1 (of phase Marvel NOW), Waid with drawings before of a nostalgic Paul Rivera, later replaced by Marcos Martin and Chris Samnee, is able to make the volume 3 is really fascinating. Loved by critics and audiences, winning many prizes, prizes far away from home Murdock for a long time. Cycles wonderful as the one with the Man Mole, the encounter with the McDuffie, the disease Foggy, you are blended perfectly with the style of Daredevil, melancholy as the Night-Chopin's but it is full of color and hope, thanks to the talents of the designers.


In the second round, between 2014 and 2015, with the volume 4, Waid, you are not denied, and has continued to scale his idea and the “complex” of his Matt Murdock, now without identity a secret and away from his Hell's Kitchen.

I have to admit that there were moments of “difficult” for readers “old” Daredevil.
The cycle of “trash” monsters classics that looked like they came from a Halloween party to series B, or the change of costume towards the end of the second run, giving good reasons, quite correct, but showing a very bad aesthetic taste. But is there also the skill of the Waid in to do something different and original.
Some fans, accustomed to the past 20 years of stories full of rain and depression, unfortunately, are not found even with the cool style and the “pop” of the designs of Samnee but we can not really complain.
Waid was the writer who has fished out of characters quite unthinkable for the usual “dark” atmospheres of Matt Murdock, and has never fallen into banality, it is always addressed to a certain target divided between the lovers and the new generation, by tapping the legal-thriller but also a horror (the cycle with Killgrave).
We reviewed Milla Donovan, Elektra, and time in the past (poignant) with Karen Page.
Patterns and dynamics perfectly stuck doing finish the first run with the Bullseye, and a second for Fisk, well, you, a lover of Daredevil, what more do you want? It's all there.

And now?
For about two months and Soule began his career with the Devil along with the pencils, Garney and colors by Matt Milla. The stories will arrive in Italy in May, then we will have time to talk about it, but if you follow the page Facebook often do some opinion in the preview and advance information on the stories published in the States.

Thanks for everything and goodbye....
The next diavolacci!


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