Goodbye to Cam Newton, the Superhero, of which there is (still) needed


Published on Mar 20, 2020


Remains? Does not remain? The gordian knot on the permanence of Cam Newton to the Panthers was finally dissolved on Wednesday, as the franchise has officially announced of having given permission to the player to seek a solution through the formula of the trade. Shortly after, a succession of thank-you messages to the Quarterback n°1. His farewell is just the latest in a long list of painful goodbyes that will be added to those of icons such as Greg Olsen and Luke Kuechly, but also Mario Addison and other veterans.

The off season fans of the Panthers seems to be devoted to the tears and the melancholy, in this venue, however, we do not want to judge the choices of the company, also because the Free Agency is still ongoing, and the draft still needs to be done, then it is too early to draw conclusions. Today we want to, or at least this writer wants to pay tribute to a player who is both good and bad, has left an indelible mark in the hearts black-blue-silver.

Ripercorriamone the story. Cameron Jerrell Newton was born in Atlanta on 11 May 1989, forming in the Westlake High School, always in Atlanta, where he played as Quarterback and immediately standing out for his talent: the 16 years she collected 2,500 pass yards and 23 touchdowns and ran for 638 yards and 9 touchdowns. With these numbers, the offers from colleges came to rain: Ole Miss, Virginia Tech, Georgia, Maryland, Mississippi State, Oklahoma and Florida. Cam signed with the latter, accasandosi in Florida in 2007. With the Gators the beginning was not the glitzy, back-up Tim Tebow, in his first year he played 5 games without astonish especially, then an injury and then came trouble with the law, he was surprised while performing a burglary, intent to steal a laptop. In 2010 riparlando of that event said:

“I believe that a person should not be thought of as a bad person because of some senseless mistake that they made. I think every person should have a second chance. If they blow that second chance, so be it for them.”

Newton left the Gators, to feel him for his choice, to feel the college simply forestalled the inevitable deportation for most illegal acts, the fact is that Cam Newton spent a year in purgatory”, in the NJCAA, Texas, in Blinn College, leading him to a victory of their championship and thanks to this came the “second chance”. Came offers from Oklahoma, Mississippi State and Auburn. Newton chose the Tigers, and with them exploded finally, guiding them to victory in the BCS in 2011, the year in which Newton won the Heisman Trophy, beating off the competition.

The fate was sealed, as the more predictable Cam was chosen as the first overall pick in the draft in 2011 by the Carolina Panthers, starting his career as a professional in excess of the then Owner Jerry Richardson, under the command of Ron Rivera. It was immediately clear that even in the NFL Cam would have left their mark, grinding out yards both on passage and on the race, destroying and setting a new record in the League, a crescendo that brought him the title of MVP for 2015 and to lead the Panthers to the highest point of the last decade: the Super Bowl 2015, lost, however, is also an accomplice to his bad performance.
That defeat was the beginning of a slow decline, Cam was not able to replicate a season like that in 2015, the game of his home exposed him to a lot of shots and at the end came the bill: over the last few years the injuries were chronic, forcing it to more operations and stay out of the field.

In the meantime, Charlotte change the properties, get Tepper, owner of steel, man of action, with a program clear cut with the past and rebuild virtually from scratch, it seemed, though, that Cam is immune from this copernican revolution, and instead no: Cam Newton goes in a trade.
The gossip is wasted, on the official post on Instagram on his sale Newton has posted a comment to the vitriol by writing clearly that I wanted to leave but was forced to do so (and Olsen behind him, “sounds familiar”) and by the company it transpires that the QB1S in the phase of negotiation has advanced requests not received (5 years old when the franchise was still 2). The report is broken but, as we have understood, we are no longer in the era paternalistic Rivera, and Richardson, we are in the era Tepper: or with us, but on our terms, or goodbye and thank you. So thanks for everything Cam, and welcome Terry Bridgewater. There will be a way to discuss on the ways and times but this is it.

Now we have to face the pain of losing to the QB the most loved-hated in the history of Football in the modern, not only by the fans of the Panthers, but for all the fans of the NFL. The importance of Cam Newton is not so much in his deeds or in the results as a player, for those just seeing the long string of accolades and records he held on Wikipedia, and honestly there is not much to discuss, let's talk about a real phenomenon in the field, which, according to me he still has something to say and if put in the right conditions, it will tell you.

What will, even to his detractors in the black-blue-silver - (who will not admit it), it is his way of understanding and living the Football, which he knew to involve in the guts, that did rejoice, and angry, without half-measures.

What I call the “Approach the Newtonian to the Football”.

The approach Newtonian consists of live Football in its most ludic and entertainment, Cam, the most is the person who communicates in this sense, managing to convey genuine enthusiasm for his teammates and the fans in the stands. He most of all lives for the smile that gives him to enter the field and play, score and win.
Do not need to be a wine connoisseur to notice this in the field is happy and acts like a happy person, an eternal boy exalted the style of High School, when wages and the Super Bowl were only dreams from the student. A light-heartedness that brings him sometimes to the extent of insolence and arrogance.

Give the balloons to the children, to cheer by making the gesture of Superman, dabbare, do photobombing, its look more and more puzzling, teasing opponents to this ask Clay Matthews), his every gesture or seems exaggerated, but this is not a character built on a script: is Cam Newton, and there are other players as well and for this or like it, or don't like. It is a package that you must accept in its entirety.
There are those who see in this attitude a little humility and arrogance, and never would say that it is a model to follow. Maybe it's true but, looking at things from another perspective is this behavior of his is his greatest strength: this type of approach to Football makes him happy and everyone knows that a happy player is motivated and a player motivated makes more in the field.

Unfortunately, however, the downside is that this sensibility, this light weight, if you do not know your handle, it makes you perform, Cam Newton, in this sense, is always a failure to the “robotics” that a QB winning like Brady, Manning, Brees should have. That blood cold, that helps you stay on the piece in the face of adversity. Cam will never be a robot, not even for a minute, and perhaps because of this, hardly will never get a ring, unless you have a very good team around him.

There are those who shout and those who are sad for his departure, I am personally among those who are sad, it was nice to see him play with the currency of Carolina and with him goes a piece of the soul Panthers. Like Olsen, As Kuechly and his love for our colours and his self-denial has never been in question and I think that every true fan of the Panthers should just thank him for what he has done in the Carolinas.

Best wishes for his next adventure, and especially for a long stay on the fields of Football, because who is to say Cam Newton is the super hero we need, in addition to trying to win a ring, and have fun in watching a Football game.
Someone might object that it is too simple to talk about fun, in Football you play to win, and it is true, but if you lose simplicity, you lose a little the sense of sport, also of this sport.

Another great great Newton, Isaac, said:

“The truth is always found in simplicity, and not in the complexity and confusion of things”.

We could then find that, in the end, we are all newtonian.




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