Golden Kamuy, the second season for the animated series


Published on Jun 25, 2018


According to early rumors, the transposition of the animated seinen manga Golden Kamui of Satoru Noda is expected to continue with a second season that will be transmitted on tv networks in japan starting next October.

That's the responsibility of the oxygen consumption Study (Kokkoku, Genocidal Organ), studio already responsible for the first season of 12 episodes (9 April – 25 June 2018).

The "Golden Kamuy" TV anime will have a second season in October (At the Studio)

— moetron | pKjd (@pKjd) June 25, 2018

In Italy, the animated series of the Golden Kamui is widespread in simulcast on Crunchyroll:

“The story is set in Hokkaido, during the turbulent Meiji era.
“The immortal Sugimoto,” a soldier survived the war between Japan and Russia, has need of a large sum of money to achieve one goal in particular...
Following a map tattooed on the body of some of the prisoners in the prison of Ashiri, Sugimoto throws in an incredible treasure hunt, in the hope of making the big score and earn a bunch of money at once.
What will be waiting for you? The magnificent nature of Hokkaido, fierce studs and an encounter with a girl Ainu, Ashiripa!!
The incredible battle for the treasure is about to begin!”

The original manga, however, is published by J-POP.

Golden Kamuy, the second season for the animated series is




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