Golden Kamuy, the first teaser video and visual for the third season of the anime


Published on Jul 07, 2019


The official web site of the transposition of the animated manga Golden Kamuy of Satoru Noda has officially announced the production of the third season, releasing a teaser video and a visual.

Below the movie:

And the visual:

In the course of serialization from the August 21, 2014 on the pages of the magazine, seinen manga in Weekly Young Jump from Shueisha (18 volumes so far), in 2018 Golden Kamuy has been adapted into an animated series consisting of two seasons of 12 episodes each.

In Italy, the manga is going on for J-POP (16 volumes at the time), while the anime is available streaming on Crunchyroll.

In the middle of the Meiji Era Saichi Sugimoto, a former soldier of the elite survived one of the most bloody battles of the Russo-Japanese war, left the army and now has only one goal: the gold rush.
This is it in Hokkaido, the far north of Japan, inhabited by the mysterious people of the Ainu, and where, according to legend, someone has hidden a huge amount of the precious yellow metal... but Sugimoto is not the only one to follow the tracks that lead to the hidden treasure and to find it he must face ruthless criminal gangs, the army and the climate prohibitive of Hokkaido with the help of a young and determined Ainu in seeking revenge.

Golden Kamuy, the first teaser video and visual for the third season of the anime is




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