Goku to the stadium: from the curve of a Paris Saint-Germain rises a gigantic Super Saiyan!

Published on Feb 27, 2018

The Park of the Paris Principles, the stadium of the Paris Saint Germain, the spotlight of the meeting a high proportion of French football, which saw the hosts opposed to Olimpique Marseille, have not been for Cavani, Mbappè or Neymar, but for Goku, the protagonist of the saga Dragon Ball.

Shortly before the game, a gigantic image of Goku as a Super Saiyan #2, and with the coat of arms of the PSG on the chest, was hoisted on the curve of the fans in paris, becoming an integral part of a spectacular choreography that was meant to inspire fear and respect towards the opponents of the home team, as if the presence among the ranks of the parisian star of the first magnitude of the football world wasn't already sufficient enough.


That cheering encore une fois
Goods au @Co_Ultras_Paris et aux #PSGfans pour votre ferveur incroyable


— PSG Officiel (@PSG_inside) February 26, 2018

@PSG_inside's cheering for last night's Le Classique was incredible! pic.twitter.com/OPOu5SucZe

— Dugout (@Dugout), February 26, 2018

The strength of the Super Saiyan has had the desired effect and, thanks also to the contribution of its three jewels, Cavani, Mbappè or Neymar, Paris Saint Germain has been imposed by 3 to 0, confirming more than ever the leader of the ranking and delivering a shot from a kamehameha that has finally destroyed the hopes of other contenders for the title of champion of France.

That is to say, when the sport meets the myths of pop-culture, the show is always guaranteed!

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