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Published on Aug 09, 2018


Star Blazers 2199 – Battleship Space Yamato 2199
Michio Murakawa, Yoshinobu Nishizaki
15 x 21, B + sc, 164 pp., b/w + col., Euro 7,50
In the year 2199, the Earth faces its greatest crisis. Because of the unceasing bombardment from the alien Gamilas, the surface of the planet is completely uninhabitable. The few survivors have taken refuge in the underground, but humanity will not be able to resist for more than a year, then you will be the extinction. From the depths of space, however, comes a message of hope: the planet Iscandar offers to land a device that could save the Earth, and plans were made to build an engine capable of interstellar travel.
It is a desperate mission, but this is the last chance for the human race. The battleship space Yamato was built in secret, will become the symbol of the human will to survive. Goen is proud to present to the Italian readers, in a beautiful edition, the newest version of the masterpiece of Leiji Matsumoto, already the animated series of the cult.

Food Wars 26
of Yuto Tsukuda, Shun Saeki and Yuki Morisawa
Again, Euro 4,50

Two like us! 25
Hiroyuki Nishimori
Again, Euro 4,95

Devils and Realist 7
Madoka Takadono, Utako Yukihiro
Again, Euro 4,95

Holyland 16 of 18
of Kouji Mori
Again, The Euro 5,95

Becchin and Mandala
Jiro Matsumoto
Again, The Euro 5,95

Autoassassinophilia 1
of Usamaru Furuya
Again, Euro 4,95

Illegal Rare 3 of 4
Hiroshi Shiibashi
Again, The Euro 5,95

The Enchantment of the Witch 3
of Tomu Ohmi
Again, Euro 4,95

Isamu – Sam the Boy from the West 8
of Soji Yamakawa, Noboru Kawasaki
Again, The Euro 6,95

Source: Mega 254

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