Goen, outputs from the manga of the March 30, 2019


Published on Mar 27, 2019


Tachibana Higuchi
11×17, B+sc, b/n
€ 4,50

The battle within the Academy is now entering its final phase. Mikan is facing with courage the Headmaster of the Academy, but is forced to flee to save Nobara, who is in critical condition. Thanks to his Alice of the flight, which up to that time had kept sealed, Mikan manages to save the friend. But only one of his pursuers was content: to the Person!

In Japan, Alice Academy was serialized between 2002 and 2013, on the pages of the magazine Hana to Yume of Hakusensha; in Italy, has been in progress since July of 2013:

Who does not know “Alice Academy (“Gakuen Alice”), the popular anime broadcast on TV on our networks? Finally all the fans of this successful series will be able to read the manga on which it is based, written and drawn by Higuchi Tachibana, and serialized in the magazine “Hana to Yume”, the publishing house Hakusensha.

The cute Mikan lives in a small town in the countryside with his grandfather. One day her best friend, Hotaru, leaves the city to enter into the Alice Academy, a school for children with supernatural powers called “Alice”), and Mikan decided to go to Tokyo to see her again. Randomly meets a professor of the school, Narumi, who, on perceiving a rare hidden power in you (the power to nullify the Alice of others), enrolled at the academy. Mikan can then meet the friend Hotaru and starts to make his way in the fun and unusual world of the superpowers Alice!

Goen, outputs from the manga of the March 30, 2019 is




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