Goen, outputs from the manga of the July 20, 2019


Published on Jul 17, 2019


Cage Of Eden vol. 20
of Yoshinobu Yamada
€ 5,95

Miina was swallowed but Yarai has a plan that could save her and defeat the beast Chimera that attacked the field of Sengoku. However, for how good the plan, it is not said that it is suited to deal with a new surprise coming for you. So far, Sengoku and his team have faced monsters, and mysteries of all types, managing to survive, but now there is a new beast that threatens them... and it is much closer than they think. After the SUICIDE ISLAND we see how the theme of survival on a deserted island can be tackled in a way that is more action but no less compelling.

Two Like Us! vol. 29
Hiroyuki Nishimori
€ 4,95

Finally arrives in Italy, from the acclaimed manga teppistico that has made me laugh an entire generation! Already known in our country for the animation by Yamato Video, which aired on many TV networks, Two Like Us is an exciting serial that focuses on the tragicomic adventures of two high school-hooligans: the blond-platinum Takashi Mitsuhashi, perpetually unlucky with the fairer sex, and the “responsible” all of a piece, Shinji Ito. Their rivalry, which soon turns out to be a great friendship, is the backdrop to a story of the fight between the gang, the great loves and twists in salsa action, the fun and comedy has its main ingredient.. One of the most representative stocks of the 90's finally arrived in Italy!

Junjo Romantic vol. 4
of Shungiku Nakamura
€ 5,95

We are honored to publish, in Italy, this beautiful manga of Shungiku Nakamura, entitled in the original Junjo Romantica. The series alternates the stories of three different couples: the romantic, pure, the selfish, pure and terrorist is pure. The events that follow during the course, interwoven with the lives of the characters, tying them to one another. Takahashi Misaki and Usami Akihiko form the main couple. This manga has been drawn and also an animated series produced by Studio Deen.

A curiosity: Junjio Romantic is set in the same universe (using the terminology of the comics) of Sekaiichi Hatsukoi.

Samurai Executioner vol. 10
Kazuo Koike and Goseki Kojima
€ 5,95

Two huge masters of the manga together for an epic history of the samurai, of honour, of blood, of vengeance. The same creative duo that has given rise to the Lone Wolf and Cub, returns in a manga that has enjoyed immense success in the world: Kubikiri Asa! The story is set in the Edo period, and chronicles the life and meetings of Yamada Asaemon, a ronin in charge of testing the swords of the Shogun and known as “Asaemon the executioner”. The Manga is intense and elegant, it presents itself as one of the titles of most quality 2014!

Star Blazers – Space Battleship Yamato 2199 vol. 7
Michio Murakawa
€ 7,50

In the year 2199, the Earth faces its greatest crisis. Because of the unceasing bombardment from the alien Gamilas, the surface of the planet is completely uninhabitable.The few survivors have taken refuge in the underground, but humanity will not be able to resist for more than a year, then you will be the extinction.
From the depths of space, however, comes a message of hope: the planet Iscandar offers to land a device that could save the Earth, and plans were made to build an engine capable of interstellar travel. It is a desperate mission, but this is the last chance for the human race. The battleship space Yamato was built in secret, will become the symbol of the human will to survive.
Goen is proud to present to the Italian readers, in a beautiful edition, the newest version of the masterpiece of Leiji Matsumoto, already the animated series of the cult.

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