Godzilla vs. Kong: this is the debut of the MonsterVerse?

Published on Jan 22, 2017

Some of the clues would reveal the name of the new cinematic universe

It has long been known that Kong: Skull Island is a part of a cinematic universe shared by Warner Bros. and Legendary Studios, and dedicated to the monsters.

Their Skull Island it would in fact be included in the same narrative continuity of Godzilla, the reboot of 2014 directed by Gareth Edwards.

Some of the clues jumped to the attention of the observers of careful shown that this cinematic universe, and sooner or later bound to result in the crossover-Godzilla vs. Kong, has a precise name: MonsterVerse!

The first clue is to be found on the packaging of toys that are part of the official merchandising of Kong: Skull Island, on which there is the wording of the MonsterVerse, as it is easy to see in the next image.


Since this wording was never appeared before on any product linked to the film, this could mean that Legendary Studios, in any way, want to begin to advertise this “brand”.

The second clue should be researched inside of one of the last TV spot, Kong: Skull Island revealed just yesterday. It is the first true cross between the stories of Godzilla, and Kong, when the character of John Goodman, Bill Randa, explains the story of the mysterious island of Kong:

This island is known for the number of ships and planes that have disappeared. The nuclear tests of 1954 were not in the test. They were trying to kill something.

For those who have seen Godzilla, these phrases sound familiar, and definitely related to it is told from the dr. was Inspired by Serizawa (Ken Watanabe), about nuclear testing in 1954 at the Bikini atoll, which, according to him, had “awakened something”.

In support of this last clue, here's a photo that shows two frames: the right one taken from the TV spot of Skull Island and the one on the left taken from the opening credits of Godzilla. Both show the same logo of the Directive 27, which, according to the conjectures described so far, it would have been a colossal operation with the purpose to kill Kong but who has come to awaken another creature.

You are then ready to this colossal MonsterVerse? Please let us know with a comment below.

Source: screenrant.com

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