Godzilla vs Kong: Legendary Pictures announces the team of screenwriters

Published on Mar 11, 2017

Is ready the task force of writers who will take care of the monstrous crossover-Godzilla vs Kong

With the exit in the halls of Kong: Skull Island, another piece of the infamous MonsterVerse adds to the overall design of the film universe shared by Warner Bros. and Legendary Studios, dedicated to the monsters.

Legendary Pictures has officially gathered together a real development team, consisting of several screenwriters whose task is to imagine and write the story that will lead us to fight the most monstrous and gigantic in the history of cinema: Godzilla vs Kong.

The “scripting team” is composed of Terry Rossio (former writer of Pirates of the Caribbean and the author of the story behind the Godzilla of 1998), Patrick McKay and J. D. Payne (Star Trek Beyond), Lindsey Beer (The Chronicles of the murderer of the king), Cat Vasko (the Queen of the Air), T. S. Nowlin (the Maze Runner, Pacific Rim Uprising) and the Michael J. edit] after (Thor, World War Z).

At the head of the group of writers there will be Terry Rossio, who will have the task of supervisor: once you have basted the story right, Legendary will choose one writer to whom you entrust the writing of the script.

The film, which currently does not have a director yet, instead, has a release date: 2020. In march 2019 to be released Godzilla: King of Monsters, a sequel to the Godzilla of Gareth Edwards, the first film of the MonsterVerse, and of course it will have many references to Kong: Skull Island, just released in theaters all over the world.

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