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Published on Aug 15, 2018


God of War, the new video game series created by Santa Monica and distributed by Sony in April 2018, it proved to be, without too many surprises, the PlayStation-exclusive and more profitable and successful than ever and not only because it has brought back a character and a franchise in history, but also because this same combination has been highly revised and presented again in a more human, current and more meaningful to graze the cinematographic narration.

It was a video game which has attracted the attention and the love of the fans and from the moment that the success continues to spill over, Sony has decided to transpose the game into a real novel that will follow the events of the game with the writing of J. M. Barlog, that is, the father of the Game Director of the video game in question, Cory Barlog.

The game has, essentially, a journey that enhances the pure relationship in all its aspects, both positive and negative, between a father (Kratos) and a son (Atreus) and which one is the best choice if you do not leave to the father of the creator of the video game the honour to speak of the role from a parent against their own child.

The novel, titled God of War: The Official Novelization, " will be available from August 28, 2018 in Kindle edition at a cost of € 10,00 and in the print edition at the price of € 15,00. If you are interested in the novel, the book here on Amazon in the original language.

Below we propose the synopsis and the cover of the novel:

“His revenge against the gods Of Olympus is now behind us, and Kratos now lives as a man in the kingdom of the deities and monsters of northern europe. In this harsh and unforgivable part of the world he must fight to survive... and teach your son how to do it the same way. This amazing remake of God of War breaks down the elements show focus capacity made famous in the original series, or the bloody combat, breathtaking moments, the deep narrative for they are molded in a new guise“.

And it is not over here. And a new project, a new initiative of the paper very interesting, and that will gather the attention of fans.

Dark Horse Comics, through a partnership with Santa Monica Studio and Sony Interactive Entertainment, has announced the publication of a mini-comic series that inspired, in fact, to the new videogame God of War which will follow the events of Kratos from both the first trilogy of the Greek, than of the title of PlayStation 4, 2018.

Chris Roberson (iZombie) writes the comics. Tony Parker will carry out the designs (This Damned Band), and Dan Jackson (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) has been designated for the colour. The covers will be made by E. M. Gist (Will Save the Galaxy for Food).

The comic opens with Kratos now living in the frigid and dangerous nordic setting. After the completion of his journey of revenge against the Gods of Greece, Kratos is now ready to move on to a life without blood, but, after trying to do a good deed for a stranger, she finds herself, once again, forced to pick up the weapons from the time that the new beasts, a furious crave his blood.

And it was announced that the first issue of the comic will be available from 14 November. Here is the cover:

God of War is available from the 20th April 2018 in exclusive PlayStation 4.

Sources: DS – CBR

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