God of War: new gameplay trailer from the Tokyo Game Show


Published on Sep 22, 2017


The new video trailer for God of War has a duration of over 5 minutes, and the show initially, Kratos, and the small Atreus on a boat. You'll also note a beautiful first floor on the axe carved and decorated Kratos.

In the following, the two protagonists of the story are shown in a snowy landscape, and in what seems to be a kind of crypt, with a lot of the vases the ancient greeks decorated.

The gameplay is exactly what fans of God of War you expect and want to see: brutality in the pure state: the smaller enemies are wounded in a violent way and thrown high into the air, while for the larger ones is preferable to an approach that is more violent, obtainable thanks to shots uploaded. Also, Atreus is able to shoot powerful arrows imbued with magic power, that damage and paralyze the enemies, so that Kratos can give them the coup de grace.

The axe can also be used as a sort of boomerang for ranged attacks, and it is interesting also the possibility to defend yourself from enemy attacks using your shield. Though attention to bigger foes with their powerful attacks could scaraventarvi very far from the place where you'll be.

It will also be possible to move from one place to another with a boat that you can drive yourself. And what do you think of a monster of the deep giant dictionary? All this and much more are included in this beautiful new video trailer dedicated to the gameplay of God of War, which you can find below:

The release of God of War is scheduled officially for the 2018 and the title will be available exclusively for PS4.


God of War: new gameplay trailer from the Tokyo Game Show is




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