God help us 5 latest episode: the video with the ending that pleases everyone (VIDEO)


Published on Mar 22, 2019


Happy ending for the fans of God help us 5! A fiction that leaves a smile in its latest bet to the public that follows you with affection is a rare thing. Very often, in fact, you end up with of the unknowns, with stories broken by other things that were not said...And instead, in the last episode of That God help us 5 ( available on RaiPlay for those who had not the view), there was a final worthy of the name. A final accompanied then also from the “film of the wedding of Gabriel and Valentina. A video that has great success on social and the fans of the series of Rai 1 have enjoyed very much.

In the last episode of That God help us 5 broadcast on the 21st of march 2019 on Rai 1, a little’ for all came the grand finale. Gabriele and Valentina have finally understood to still be in love and have decided to get married. Theodora and the gemelline were accomplices of Gabriel and helped him to win back Valentina. Sister Constance knew everything and he knew how to pretend as a great actress!


In the meantime, the Geneva continued to wonder what it would be for her the right thing to do: the way of a vocation or love for a special man? Gin in the end chose the handsome lawyer who has stolen the heart from the first glance. “You preferred me to God,” said Nicodemus, joking with his Gin on the finish. And the sweet Geneva suggested that he not mount the head. However, it does not deny that he is his “moment.” Nico has also decided to keep the little Mattia and his dad full-time.

Happy ending for Sister Angela, who has understood what his place in this world: it is certain that the Lord will put again to the test and you will be ready. Also why is there a new adventure: we go all in Assisi!

And finally the news that concerns French riviera: the beautiful girl's mom, Emma, a widow, after the death of Guido, he really felt the vocation? Will he make it to leave her heels and her Chanel to become a nun? We will only know in the next, sixth season!

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