God help us 5 last episode: the grand finale will see Nico and Geneva together ?


Published on Mar 15, 2019


What will happen in the last episode of That God help us 5 air next Thursday on Rai 1? We discover it clearly, with our advances, which reveal to us just the plot of the last episode aired on the 21st of march 2019. As you have seen, the death of little Giuseppe has upset a lot of the soul of sister Angela, who has decided to leave the convent after finding out that Nico has no intention of taking care of the little Mattia, but the only want to entrust to an institution. In the meantime, French riviera, New York has realized that his home is in Italy, at the side of the people that she loves. Even if she likes Athos, and at the time thought to return to the convent. But sister Angela does not know and walks away with the baby...At this moment she trusts only one person: Peter. The story of sister Angela, once again, complicate, and for her, it will open a second time, the doors of the prison.

Ready to find out in detail everything that will happen in the tenth and last episode of That God help us 5? And what will happen between Nico and Geneva, the two will understand, finally, of being in love?

How will the escape of sister Angela with the small?

The previews of the episode 5×19 – Goodbye!: Returns and unexpected departures, sudden disturb the life in the convent. While Sister Angela has escaped from the convent along with Mattia without a trace, Sister Constance and Nico try to save the situation, but maybe Sister Angela does not want to be found. Meanwhile, Gabriel, after the proposal of Theodora, he must understand his true feelings. Geneva, when he discovers the truth about Sister Angela, takes an impulsive decision. Once again, the novice decides to follow the rules but don't realize that is going to do harm to one of the few people that want to well...Peter is not able to prevent that sister Angela is arrested and the woman must return to prison.

The previews of episode 5×20 – The road home: Sister Angela is accused of the kidnapping of Matthias, but turns out that it is Peter to be involved. Meanwhile, Geneva understands his true feelings, but maybe it's too late, now Nico has made a decision about his son. Blue is back in the convent, and perhaps now it really is ready for a new love...

All this and much more in the episode God help us 5 broadcast on the 21st of march 2019 on Rai 1.

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