God help us 5 advances the fourth wager: Valentina will walk again?


Published on Jan 25, 2019


Return to our anticipation of God's help 5: what will happen in the fourth episode airing next week? Please note that the fiction on 7 February, it will be aired to make room for the Sanremo Festival, don't miss the next appointment on Rai 1! As you may have seen at the convent, it happens more all: Mary has closed a bad page of his life while she and Nico have realized that for the moment, are not looking for a serious commitment. Valentina continues to have problems: she and Blue have decided to leave the convent but first they have to sell the property, and, as we reveal the advances of the bet That God will help us 5 aired on January 31, 2019, not going to be easy. In the story, in the next episode, will come a new male character who will put in serious difficulties our Blue. Gabriel, returning from Japan, will bring a series of gifts to everyone, but Valentina appreciate her return? The girl will walk again?

And here are the advances that reveal to us what is going to happen


The previews of episode 5×7 – Out!: Sister Angela tries to save a girl that seems to be the victim of his own mother. Mary enlists the help of Nico to face his father, but something goes wrong and Nico finds himself at the school dance with Geneva. That between the two there is something magical, it is really clear to everyone, maybe they only not have realized it...Meanwhile, the sisters try to boycott French riviera, was persuaded to sell the convent, but in the end it presents a buyer's unexpected.

The previews of episode 5×8 – The last I remember: While Sister Angela helps Nico to find a student who seems to have disappeared in the void, Geneva receives a photo of compromising her and Nico in the evening of the dance. Pity that she can't remember anything. And Nico, he knows how things have gone? In the meantime, Blue does not want to meet the new buyer, because it was his love of youth. Between the two, apparently, there is a feeling that has never faded. Blue already feels guilty because of the fact that she can move forward while Guido and David were sentenced to a different fate, and the presence of the young in his life, makes you feel sick the Meantime, Valentina, and Gabriele seem ready for a romantic dinner, but there is a problem...

Valentina is still in the wheelchair, but seems to have accepted this condition: that is going to happen we will walk at the end of this fifth season, God help us 5?

Appointment to the next episode aired on the 31st of January 2019 on Rai 1.

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