Go Nagai Robot Mini Figures: the collection arrives on the newsstand


Published on Dec 17, 2018


You'll find it officially on newsstands from next 27th of December, the collection Go Nagai Robot Mini Figures already presented in preview at the last Lucca Comics and Games.

Bandai and Centauria come with an exclusive collection of mecha invented by the genius and imagination of Go Nagai, the most important mangaka of the story. D

odici minifigurine, mini in size but huge in appeal, in a version of “deformed” of the four robots, the most famous in the history of japanese animation.

From Mazinger Z (with a second and exclusive pose “Attack mode”), it continues (as in the series) with Great Mazinger, and to close the trilogy you go to UFO Robot Grendizer (in the version robotic and inserted into the Spacer) and to finish with the mighty Jeeg, the steel Robot.

The Robot, the pilots, the allies and ruthless enemies (from space or from lost civilizations or in the depths of the Earth) that are entered to the right in the collective memory of thousands of fans from around the world. And the whole party have a strange intuition of a car that moved by itself to overcome a traffic jam of automotive...

Necklace: Go Nagai Robot Mini Figures

Release date in newsstand: 27/12/2019

Height mini figures: approx 5 cm

Price: 4,99 € each (in bags surprise with booklet included)

Booklet: 16 pg cards, and curiosity about robots



Go Nagai Robot Mini Figures: the collection arrives on the newsstand is




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