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Published on Nov 21, 2018


The Rust Kingdom of Sponge remains, according to this writer, one of the most beautiful books produced in Italy in the last 10 years. Its subversive function and the synthesis of the stretch between illustration, independent schools in the united states and and the manga – for-purpose and structure – were linked to a story as simple as it is devastating in its narrative structure and that resulted in a never-ending struggle, in a frantic search for revenge for something as concrete as evanescent in his circle who autoalimentava in dramatic fashion.

A few years later Terry puts his hand to that universe, to that wasteland infested by worms and barbarians deformed with Gnomicide – Rust Kingdom Such or a spin-off starring the gnomes.

A village was attacked by monsters in the shape of a giant “worms” from the mouths full of sharp teeth that they use gnomes as guests to reproduce; it's up to a handful of survivors try to drive away the pests, but their assault will be anything but without sacrifices. In a cave, in fact, you will come face-to-face with their queen and just when the victory will be a step up, the ones that seemed abominations of nature reveal the nature of their true nature.

When the despair takes forcefully the upper hand in the survivors, from a hole in the ground emerges a swordsman without a name. Here he is, once again, that circle that repeats itself and seems to not be able to be broken in any way, but rather subdues everyone and everything in a spiral of violence.

To understand Gnomicide – Rust Kingdom That you need, starting from his main feature. It is indeed a book of “dumb” – no dialogue – if you exclude those intelligible among the gnomes.

This feature is the fundamental key to reading this spin-off that moves on the same rails of the main work – themes, setting, setting, and especially for the influences here evident, those of the seminal Alien and Aliens bent in salsa “fantasy” – but it also serves to the author to experiment and show up to that point in his stylistic research is arrived.

Sponge works very strong on storytelling and the construction of the table – specifically in the sequencing of the pages and on the cineticità within the individual according to the principle of solidarity iconic – which is then stripped of the tinsel of verbal understanding sdoppiandosi on one side in the plasticity of the movements during the action scenes, and the other in the research of communication through expressions and proxemics of the figures – genome or monstrous they are.

As well as The Rust Kingdom also Gnomicide – Rust Kingdom That hides, behind a frantic linearity, an important inference of the sense that the main work was given by a very strong narrative structure and structural-whereas here, it is all dedicated to the image and its works narratologica primordial.

Attention, however, this is not a simple exercise of style of the author rather the attempt, successful, synthesis within a style now recognizable.

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