Gnocchi al pesto and burrata

Published on Jun 27, 2019

The gnocchi al pesto and burrata cheese are the first flat, fast, colorful, and very, very tasty. First, you need to prepare the pesto alla genovese with which to dress potato gnocchi, giving it a touch more by adding the burrata cheese directly on the dishes.
Girls this month of June is now really tiring, I'm giving myself body and soul to the project that is pursuing my husband with his company, and between the various trips for the various events and the opening of our academy for the training courses, I'm neglecting a little the kitchen :/ so I'm playing, but I will be able to keep it all together, that's a promise! A basin to those who enter here, and good Friday with these gnocchi al pesto :*

Put it over each dish of gnocchi with a bit of burrata and serve.


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