Glass half full for the Luino-Maccagno: 0-0 with the Gerenzanese, but it improves the ranking

Published on Mar 13, 2017

A goalless draw yesterday afternoon at the sports centre of the Park Margorabbia between the Luino-Maccagno and Gerenzanese. A game with few scoring chances, but played with great intensity in the mid-field. Guests, especially in the first half, they fought on every ball, while the luinesi have the wrong approach to the race. A point that does not fully satisfy anyone, but that allows children of De Berardinis to overcome the Robur Saronno in the standings. Will be decisive, the direct clashes. Glass half full for the Luino-Maccagno: 0-0 with the Gerenzanese, but it improves the ranking. It was important to win for both teams yesterday afternoon in Luino, where He and his companions have faced the last of the class, led by the former player of Series A, Valtolina. The match begins immediately at the sign of the physicality, especially in the mid-field, and the two teams fail to sovrastarsi. In the fourth minute, guests can be seen from the parts of Old men: Rimoldi the ball in from the right, Pine trees do not get on the ball that is swept by Arioli at the edge of the area. And Bajee to pounce on the ball, but his shot ends high over the crossbar. Grit and determination, but a lot of errors from one part to the other: in addition to a few chances, a lot of gaps in the setting of the game. To the twelfth, are still guests with Rimoldi victory Vecchietti: the right wing exceeds Romano, but the shoots are abundantly out. The midfield luino area rooms, especially with Carroll and He is in the midst of recovering many balls, even if Bajee is tireless and fought like a lion. On the sixteenth the first real ball goal of the mach. And’ Lucchini to find the Square with a nice through pass, but the young luino area pulls centrally from a good position and De Candia is good to reject. On the rebound the defense, still the luinesi: Valley crosses it from right, is Diana to the edge of the area that exceeds Perfect with a nice lob, pulls the fly, but the ball into the side of the pole, caressing the network and by only giving the illusion of the goal. The Luino-Maccagno grows, after twenty minutes the difficult, and it is always Vallone from right to fly on the wing, the ball at the Ancelliero, exceeds two opponents, but from the side fails to stick De Candia, who deflects in corner. The Gerenzanese do you see starting in midfield, without ever affecting, if not in rare occasions. And’ Costanzo to create some problem to the central Arioli and Vigezzi, but the attackers guests are inaccurate in front of goal. The 31st Valley is cautioned by the referee after a non-offside player, which was much less doubt. Go up to guys Valtolina, Luino very hard, and not being able to build games, while on the right the Roman struggling to contain the advanced of Rimoldi. The other ball goal for Ancelliero, at the 42nd, the last of the first time: Diana crosses from the left, is the bomber luino area of the head engages De Candia. The far defender with a nice shot to the kidneys takes the ball away from the striker's low header. It go to rest to a 0-0 draw, with De Berardinis very displeased of the approach to the race of their kids. The second time. If in the first time a few occasion, the Gerenzanese created it, and in the second time, do not register shots on goal for the guests, while the Luino has tried in any way to be dangerous, being a lack of cynicism in front of De Candia. Beautiful plot between Lucchini, Follis and Diana to the 48th, but Tanzi was a good close in corner on the advanced left wing luino area. A little later Diana to fly on the wing, but is spread by Tanzi from the edge of the area. Yellow for the defender, and the punishment for the luinesi. On the ball (a free kick, but the shot grazes the post on the right of the goalkeeper. Valtolina sees that his struggle to start afresh, despite the great performance in the midst of the camp of Bajee. Double substitution: Palumbo, and Guffanti leave the field to make space for Lavizzari and Giammella. It's always the Luino, however, to be dangerous, always with a shot of Diana, on the fly, it's a little off to the right of De Candia. The 58th still Lucchini with a filter sees Follis, the 11th is free, but is inaccurate at shooting. De Berardinis the test to win the three points, moving from a 4-4-2 to a 3-4-3 offensive, even with the inclusion of the Raiser in place of the Square 63. The 67th lost ball badly in the middle of the field by the guests, recovers Diana again, the ball is at the feet of the Follis that is stretched to the limit of the area, for the referee's free-kick and not a penalty. Diana tries the shot, but the cleave goes off a few inches from the top corner of the goal. A few gasps until the end of the match, with the teams trying to get the bad, but bring home a point, without infamy nor praise. To report the entry in the field of Ahmed in place of Carroll at the 76esimo and Old to the place of Follis. The match closes with the score at 0-0 after three minutes of recovery. Nervousness at the entrance to the locker room between some players, but not in the absence of measures by the arbitrator. “I am not satisfied with the trial of the boys, " explains Andrea De Berardinis -. We have the wrong approach to the game, risking too much especially in the first half. Their determination took us by surprise, and would have had to take the field with their determination, because they have fought for 90 minutes on every ball. We have definitely created more scoring, but we were not able to go in advantage. It is a problem that we have from the beginning of the year, we lack the concrete under the door, and the evil attitude to take the lead. This was a match to win, but fortunately, the point earned allows us to overcome in the standings Saronno. Needless to turn around, will be important in the coming confrontations, where we play the season.” Luino Maccagno: Vecchietti, Arioli, Roman, Vallone, Vigezzi, Lucchini, Square (63' Raiser), Carroll (76' Ahmed), Ancelliero, Diana, Follis (87' Old). Available: De Giorgi, Iozzino, Ahmed, Bosetti, Cannucciari, Raiser, Old. Coach: De Berardinis. Gerenzanese: De Candia, Perfect, Restelli, Pine, Tanzi, Calegari, Rimoldi, Palumbo, Costanzo, Bajee, Guffanti. Available: Cavaleri, Frusca, Short, Lavizzari, Giammella, Gattuso, Cattaneo. Coach: Valtolina. 24th day of the tournament In the First Category, Lombardia. Arsaghese – Saronno Robur 3-0, Cas Sacconago – Guanzatese 1-1, Fagnano – Belfortese 2-1, Luino, Maccagno – Gerenzanese 0-0, Union-The Three Valleys – Mozzatese 1-1, Valceresio Audax – Solbiatese 0-0, Vanzaghellese – Gorla Maggiore 0-3, Viggiù – Anthony 0-2. The ranking of the First Category, Lombardia (Group A): Guanzatese 55, Valceresio Audax 49, Belfortese 47, Fagnano, Gorla Maggiore and Arsaghese 44, Cas Sacconago 40, Antonian 33, Vanzaghellese 30, Solbiatese and Union the Three Valleys 24, Mozzatese 22, Viggiù, 20, Luino-Maccagno 18, Saronno Robur 17, Gerenzanese 13.

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