Giveaway Of The Week: 3 free copies for Olli by Tinrocket


Published on Sep 10, 2017


We arrived to a new article dedicated to the application “Olli by Tinrocket”, the app where you can edit and beautify your photos. Today, the developer of the app gives you 3 redeem codes for users faster. Enter now in the article and try your luck!

The authors of Olli by Tinrocket have already had occasion, in the past, to demonstrate their abilities in the field of filters and effects for your photos. With this latest software, have enriched the number of applications for iOS devices, able to make unique our shots thanks to the addition of special filters. Olli by Tinrocket, in fact, take photos and videos by using a series of different filters or modify the ones already saved in the camera roll of your iPhone. “Olli transforms a simple daily moment in a true work of art”, as described by the same authors in the special tab in the App Store. The app can be purchased at the modest price of 1,09 €, but incorporates a special section “in-app” where you can make a purchase by adding an additional pack of filters and effects special and unique.

NOTE: in order To use the code properly, you must first delete the asterisk (*)!

The developer of the app gives you 3 redeem codes with which you can download for free Olli by Tinrocket. We remind all users that these codes are also usable on the App Store ITALY. To know how to use the codes from the iTunes or from the iPhone/iPad, please read here.

The contest is open to all users (registered and unregistered) of the website, to the exclusion of the members of the editorial staff and members of the staff of the forum (moderators).

We would be very pleased if you would leave a comment after you have downloaded the application, indicating the code that you have used. Thanks!

Important: all the codes posted are working perfectly. In some cases, however, for reasons that do not depend on us, may appear the items: “The code you entered is not valid.“ or “The offer associated with the code track has expired.“. If so, send an email to fabio[dot]padula[at] writing as object “Code not working: Olli by Tinrocket | iPhone” attached a screenshot (taken from a computer, iPhone or iPad) with the inserted code (without the asterisks) and the error message issued by iTunes.

The quicker user will be entitled to receive a new, working code via email. For this it is important to make sure to provide a valid email address and working.

If, instead, appears the entry: “This code has already been used. Each code can only be used once.” or “You have already used this code“, you SHOULD NOT send any email, because the code has been used correctly. Typing CODES “USED PROPERLY” which will follow in the post title, to indicate the correct use of codes by users.

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