Giusy Pepi latest news from the Afternoon 5: it may be in Monreale?


Published on Nov 19, 2018


In the episode of the Afternoon, Five aired the 19 November 2018 get the latest news on the disappearance of Giusy Peppers. Some time ago, a psychic would have told the husband of the woman who Giusy would look good and would be in a place not very far from Victory. The psychic would have reported that Giusy is located in Monreale.

The journalist of the Afternoon, Five confirmation that David, the husband of Ashraf, has immediately contacted the police talking about what the medium said. The D'urso confirmation: the medium said that Giusy is in Monreale, there will be the forces of law and order to assess how to intervene. The journalist of the Afternoon, the Five decided to check out this track and went to Monreale. Interviewing some of the inhabitants of the town, the journalist has found out that someone seems to have seen Giusy recently. Others however have seen it and they say they don't know who anyone is.

The psychic explained that he received this vision of a dead woman with whom it is in contact. Giusy would Monreale happy, a place to which she was related in some way, a place that she wanted to see again. It would not be alone: you would have a companion, a love from the past.

The sister of David, intervenes in direct Afternoon Five:

“I don't know if Giusy went to Monreale. And a month has passed since the disappearance. I am here today because I want to clarify something. It is spoken of as bruising, barrel. I would like to say but why not have spoken before? I have heard even my grandchildren in the fighting. It was not a doll my sister-in-law. Not the did absolutely nothing. My brother is not kept anywhere. She came out, went with friends, was always around. I wanted to point out this. If my brother was violent, his wife would have to defend his children and take them with you. There are facilities today for these things. Why is gone? I am not here to defend my brother, I'm just here to say things as they are, the truth that they know me.”

Sister-in-law, Giusy points out that people who have wanted to talk about in this story are often contradicted, to prove that the woman was not segregated in the house and that David has never done anything to his wife.

The woman then decided to launch an appeal:

“Back to casa Giusy is not right to abandon five children.”

The husband, David, thinks that the track of the sensory is concrete. Giusy had links with Palermo and Monreale where you can really find it there.

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