Giusy Ferreri pregnant, that's why it was deleted in Sanremo

Published on Mar 03, 2017

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News for all the fans of Giusy Ferreri: in the course of the press conference to announce the release of his new album, the singer surprised everyone. It is precisely for the occasion of the launch of the “Girotondo”, the new album available in stores starting today, march 3, 2017, Giusy reveals to be pregnant. This is a sensational shot of the scene. The author, in fact, is already the third month of pregnancy, so she knew she was pregnant even when you climb on the stage of the Ariston.

The good news, she has known just two weeks before the start of the Festival of Sanremo, but he preferred not to make the announcement. So it is kept for oneself the wonderful news, performing on the stage of sanremo as if nothing had happened. But many have noticed that there was something strange about her. It was not concentrated, and in fact has been deleted in the course of the third night, despite the wonderful “it's so bad”. It was not easy for Giusy Ferreri, struggling with this new experience. “I have lived as with the calori strange or sweats, even on the stage of Sanremo: I had the shortness of breath and palpitations out of control, I also feared nausea”.

This will be the first child for the singer, sicilian girlfriend from 9 years with Andrea Bonomo. The torque is great news, even if Giusy Ferreri, he is keen to reassure his fans. “This child you will have to adjust my life a little bit gypsy. The appointments with the firmacopie there will be, I don't want to give it up,” reveals the singer. With regard to his tour, however, will likely be postponed to give her time to get back in shape and take care of her baby.

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