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Published on Mar 30, 2018


Published at the “zombizzata” publishing house, saldaPress, the new effort from David Rose arrives on the shelves of all the libraries and comics in Italy with a cover that has a ruddy Gabibbo, a controversial figure of Italian television, who is Giuseppe Parini – lost-at-sea of the stars plays a role of a very special and impact.

Return to the adventures of bonellidi writers. After Ugo Foscolo – Investigator of nightmares and the Leopards & Ranieri – True detective, the covers of which (and some of the characterizations of the characters) are reminiscent, respectively, of the Dylan Dog and Martin Mystere, now it's up to Nathan Never to be “larosizzato”. The writer who will take his place is the eighteenth-century, Giuseppe Parini.


Actually, I had to “google it” before making this comic in your hands. Abbot and poet, Parini, stands out among the names of the Neoclassicisti Italian. David, The Pink places him in the role of traveller in space and time, accompanied by the head of Robespierre, floating. Both, in the hands of an alien madman who “want to make a game with them, you will need to deal with a journey along the years, in order to discover a conjecture to the detriment of the land (and not only). You begin to connect the various points definitisi in the previous episodes. In an interview with the author during the Nerd Show in Bologna, he himself says: "The three volumes can be readable, not necessarily in the order of output. You can start from any one of the three titles so far. The three stories are modified, then, in the fourth volume, which will close the tetralogy."

To learn how to read the work of The Rose need to know a bit of history: humor and satire blend together in a marriage of quirks and inconsistencies that make you laugh and smile, taking the episodes that really happened and placing them in areas of mass culture, contemporary. Appear frequent references to politicians, politicians, and historical figures that they're all living in a single-arc in space and time, which is found to be outside of time and outside of space. As of the Avengers of the rhyme, or as a mutant saviors of humanity, the writers of the dark side wants to increase the optimism, philosophical current that is inherent in each of us, in order to revive the era obscurantist. Will our heroes the Illuminati to stop the mysterious leader of this movement?

All books are 100% in the style of David: The Rose is stylized just enough to make recognizable individual characters, a no-nonsense, but at the same time accurate historically, and fun. Appear many of the elements that have made known the author himself at the time of the Comic being drawn wrong, as his love for the braised beef, the “demons of the spiegoni” and much more. There is scervella worse than an episode of The Big Bang Theory to try to find the thread of time of the story, but in the end you can breathe a sigh liberating when every thing returns magically to its place. Epochal time in which there is a discussion of die theological: review the author's thought that already, years ago, she has dealt with in The Bible 2, in collaboration with the marche-born artist Pierz. See it to believe it (how could he say, rightly, St. Thomas).

Giuseppe Parini – the Sinking of the stars is currently available with a cover with a regular, signed by the same Rose, and a cover variant, limited edition, designed by Gianluca Pagliarani (with the participation of the author of the comic) and coloured by Samuel Spano. Could not miss the quote to the cover of the legendary number 1 of the sci-fi series by Sergio Bonelli Editore. In conclusion, the Deckard of the 1700's has it all: adventure, action, setting, semi-historical, sci-fi, and a lot of laughs, for a volume that will leave readers breathless until the conclusion of the forthcoming.

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