Giuseppe Conte speaks of phase 2 in Italy: from travel to tourism, here's what to expect


Published on Apr 26, 2020


He said that by the end of this week, the committee and the government would have been ready to announce what will happen after the may 3, but it seems that we're still a few hours of time. In the waiting, however, Giuseppe Conte speaks to the Republic, in a long interview gives some indication as to what will be the phase 2 in Italy. Again this is why Italy can't afford to stand still in lockdown but you do it with due care, continuing to think that you are likely a second wave.

” We do not wish to extend beyond this lockdown: we risk a compromise too heavy of the socio-economic fabric of the Country”, stressed the chairman of the Board.

From the words of the Count, we deduce that the new “protocols” if so, we can define, will be announced between tomorrow and Tuesday, because those are the days which begin the week considering that the interview has been released yesterday ( hopefully not related to the next).

The words of the premier: “we will Announce this new plan no later than the beginning of next week. The condition for restart will be the strict compliance of safety protocols for the workplace, for construction and for the transport companies.”

How will the Italy in phase 2: ” In respect of these strict conditions, may re-open, already next week, however, passing from the consideration of the prefects, and with the self-certification, business activities that we consider to be ‘strategic’, which are the works for the construction of the prison, the school, and to contrast the hydrogeological risk, as well as production activities and industrial mainly devoted to the export”.

“We are not yet in a condition to restore complete freedom of movement, but we are studying a relaxation of the current, more stringent restrictions. I already anticipated that it will not be a “free-for-all”. We will make sure to allow for more movement, but preserving all the guarantees of the prevention and containment of the infection,” said the premier.

Giuseppe Conte also thinks this kind of activity, and explains: “a recovery programme for the remaining economic activities, even if advance now that bars and restaurants will be open on the 4th of may. However, we are working to enable restaurateurs not only delivery, but also activities to take away. The tourism sector is the most severely hit, also because it has no chance of remedy, alone, to the accumulated losses. The minister Franceschini is developing various proposals to support this sector, which, even from the economic point of view, remains one of the strengths of the whole system-Italy”.

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