Giulio Raselli the choice to Men and women, and the most difficult time


Published on Nov 30, 2019


Giulio Raselli the choice to Men and women, and the most difficult time. Giulio Raselli tronista of Men and women in the throne classic is almost next to the choice. But who will choose? Giulia or Giovanna? Meanwhile, the nice guy you trust with the drafting and reveals his difficult time.

Giulio Raselli little before making his choice to Men and women you trust with the editors and talks about his difficult time that has past until today during his experience.

“Without a shadow of a doubt when I found myself in the episode having to deal with the fact of having chosen to live in two external, objectively similar, having led both Giulia and Giovanna to the interior of the house, to spend an entire day with them. I knew that they would be able to live it as a wrong, but seeing their reactions is what I regretted the most, because I don't want to hurt anyone, in fact it has always been the opposite. Despite this, however, there comes a point in the path, as I have repeatedly tried to explain, where one is almost forced to deal with uncomfortable situations, because it is the only way to figure out who you want to have close in your life. Yes, you have to be selfish, even if it is a side of the character that usually does not belong to me.”

But is not over here. Julius also speaks of the two girls that they are courting, Giulia and Giovanna, and between them it will be his choice.

“I see before me two different people, but both with a strong character. Joan is a tough person who shows his temper every second of the day. I am convinced that Giulia has a strong character, however, is more of a struggle to pull it off. She is exactly what I want and I have to figure out: it seems to me not to know it until the end and this me back. What pushes me towards Joan, however, is the fact of having arguments continue to discuss together; there is always a comparison, and with her, I am sure that the problems of life are resolved. With Giulia, under this aspect are a little behind, but with this I do not mean that I exclude we can get.”


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