Giulio Berruti admits: “I Suffer from more than 10 years of fibromyalgia”


Published on Dec 18, 2018


The actor talked about it on Instagram

Giulio Berruti has started his acting career in 2005, when she played small parts in Melissa P and Write it on the walls, movies of Italian production, that have marked an entire generation. Later, armed with his charm a bit mysterious, has interpreted the protagonist's daughter Elisa – Back to Rivombrosa, a role that brought him to fame. Lately, he won the talent show Dance Dance Dance with Cristina Marino.

The actor is also very active on social. On Instagram, specifically, is sharing shots of semi-professional, pieces of his everyday life, his latest collaborations and his love for animals and in particular for his actions, Brown. A few days ago, in the stories, he wanted to talk about a medical condition that makes him suffer in silence for more than 10 years, fibromyalgia. This disease is particularly insidious, to operate results in severe pain and never manifest itself completely, therefore, it is very difficult to diagnose. The confirmation Julius, saying that the doctors have taken for a madman for years.

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But the talk is not an end in itself. The plaintiff, after having received hundreds of messages of support from fans and followers who live a situation similar to his own, gives thanks, and shares a remedy that causes relief to his pains. It's called the Wim Hof: “you can find It on Google. The cold water of the faucet, we throw ourselves into it. 10 minutes a day, every day, passes the fibromalgia. Try it, I assure you. There I have suffered for 12 years and I have tried everything, this thing works. Those who suffer from it know what I'm talking about”.

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To November 2018 is released Magical Nights, a film by Paolo Virzì, where Julius plays Max I would Go. In the future of the beautiful actor a collaboration with a famous brand of mobile phones and eyewear. A lot of advertising and maybe some other experience in cinema. We wish you the best in this continuing fight against fibromyalgia and a career shining.

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