Giulia De Lellis: “we were seeing the ugly”


Published on Apr 16, 2020


This period of pause in quarantine, we are all living in a different way. There are those who are in crisis, who is knocked down, but there are also those spring and was made to take from the imagination. Many are spending their weeks as they were living two months ago, and there are those who, instead, can't wait to get back to his life before. Also only be able to put a foot out of the house without feeling threatened or just go back to their profession.

The work of influencers, many have now undertaken, it is difficult that has undergone changes or delays. Giulia De Lellis is part of this category becoming more and more popular being an expert in trends, make up, style and fashion, but the coronavirus has affected this particular type of activity?

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“I went ahead with all my work projects, I organized all of the work for a moment, it was disrupting, but that luck is starting again in the best of ways.” Also makes an unexpected revelation: “we were seeing really ugly at all, but it would seem that the things you are carrying out”. In short, even for a famous influencers as you, the Coronavirus was risking to damage the floors days of this period, but luckily in the end everything is fixed for the better.

She also adds: “Every now and then is good for you stay away from the social, I recommend it. Every time there is”. This we recommend Giulia De Lellis for this period, because often we lose pieces of our life that are important to stay behind the trends. Instead, we should appreciate the things simple and mundane. Right now we have in the house we're beginning to realize how many things we gave for granted, and instead now pay gold to have.

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Recently, Giulia De Lellis and Andrea Damante are officially back together, to the delight of many fans of the couple. The quarantine with Andrea Damante, which is back together after the story with Andrea Iannone, seems to be progressing well, and the fans can't wait to see them together in a photo or in a video special.

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