Giulia De Lellis: the serious charges (to demonstrate) of an investigator


Published on May 03, 2020


When you have more than 4.6 million followers, probably it is the golden rule of marketing, “purché se ne parli”, everything in the practice is to raise your market price and, now, Giulia De Lellis, we believe it is so. Therefore, the rumors that run in the last hours on his behalf, to take really with the dual benefit of the doubt, we can only confirm that, for the umpteenth time, there is news that concerns that is at the top of the trends of the news of show business.

In short, by “diva-in-progress”, De Lellis cannot fail to speak for his private life and his loves, especially after I signed a book with the title is ironic and self-deprecating as “The horns are good on everything. But I was better off without”. The gossip of this period of Coronavirus has seen, closed the relationship with the rider Andrea Iannone, the great shot of the scene of the return of the flame with ex-Andrea Damante (historical boyfriend, from the time of Men and women) to work for him that, in essence, the book is “dedicated”.

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She and Damante, re-in love as if nothing had happened, you are in the house of Pomezia of influencers and they're spending their quarantine together, as evidenced by their selves on a social network where you are back and very active, and where they share their “love story” with their followers. And Giulia highlights about the book: “The riscriverei. He has done well to me and to many of you; it came out when I was gone, after about a year, but relive everything I did, however, fine”.

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While the two seem almost to plan your wedding in a manner quite unexpected by declaring a “People”: “Both we want to build a family and live, but we know that such a step involves sacrifices important. Between a year and a half or two you could already set a date”... here, as in the best soap opera, comes a new shot of the scene.

The daily newspaper “Il Giornale” publishes the declarations of a private investigator milan known environments, vip, Alessandro Roma, who claims to have evidence of the alleged betrayal of julia in the time of the story, with Damante. Of course it is all to check, but the man explains: “She in the past has had escapades with famous footballers and entrepreneurs of high caliber, all the while was engaged with both Damante, especially when he was with Iannone”.

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The investigator, with a certain malice, is also to understand that, after the book, the twist of the new-found serenity with Damante and the possibility of a marriage on the horizon, would be part of a sort of “script” to make money and, in regard to alleged flirtations, launches a message that is cryptic: “Maybe then the public is also the name of one of these? Among other things, engaged. “Maybe then the public is also the name of one of these? Among other things, engaged. In fact, I thought you were different but I was wrong. It is true that between you the cleaner has the mange”.

Now we just have to wait for the response of Giulia De Lellis call directly into the cause of the investigator. But what is certain is that every next move, and the declaration will serve only to see again the De Lellis at the top of the trend of the news of the day!

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