Giulia De Lellis responds to Wild Lucarelli. “My book fuffa? You of horns you want”


Published on Apr 07, 2020


It was released today, signed by “Editing” an article on the TPI, which speaks of the story of Giulia de Lellis, between a past made up of horns and a present to live in quarantine with her ex-boyfriend. An article that reminds us how in his book, “The horns are good on everything” De Lellis spoke of her ex, Andrea Damante, as of a man who claimed to be her training constant, a regime specific food...A love that in the article of TPI is defined as toxic. The article was advertised, obviously, on the social and did so even Wild Lucarelli that TPI is the editor-in-chief of the section of the show. The journalist also shared on Instagram the article in question and it was decided to get the answer of Giulia de Lellis. The novel of the influencers, which has sold thousands of copies, it is defined as “fuffa” from “Editorial”, by anonymous, who writes the article. The de Lellis is there and responds in kind, launching a broadside glaring at the Lucarelli.

And here are the words of Giulia de Lellis, in a comment posted below the post of Wild Lucarelli

As someone says of our knowledge,” sweet and sour”.

True, but I in you, that of the horns you want, I was expecting more of a shoulder, a hand ready to let me drown, fortunately, can't swim very well!

Perhaps it is the oldest story in the world, or maybe it's the story of someone who has found a little more courage.

I do not justify anything, but you I want to say one thing because I consider you and I'll give you very clever:

What I have chosen to share with everyone not to call it “fuffa”. Don't be so cynical.

“Fuffa “is one who speaks without knowing

That is, if you want to say things so much to talk about this, I'm reading a lot and it's ok🌈

But that book, it is a truth passed, things that are successful put helping not only myself, but many other people.

But what was remains, in part, in a book, as in this case, or in the mind.. Without detracting from it yesterday and today .

But be assured that a maximum of I I not you 🙂

What will wanted to say the de Lellis with its first sentence dedicated to the world of horns?

The article by Giulia De Lellis responds to Wild Lucarelli. “My book fuffa? You horn you mean” coming from the Breaking News Flash.




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