Giulia De Lellis responds to Lucarelli and confirm the story with Andrea


Published on Apr 08, 2020


After rumors, confirmations and denials about the return of the flame between Giulia De Lellis and the former Andrea Damante, we finally have an answer. The influencers, after the dig that he has received from Wild Lucarelli, has replied in kind to the judge of Dancing with the Stars, confirming the story with Damante.

In an article on TPI News, Selvaggia Lucarelli has heavily criticized De Lellis, saying that “has screwed everybody”. The journalist then explained the best by saying, “he Has written a book in which he seemed to have elaborated the mourning after is the classic story of toxic, which gave pills a new-found self-esteem and awareness, and instead, had not passed anything”.

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In his book, “The horns are good on everything. But I was better without them,” Giulia De Lellis has remained at the top of the charts of the best sellers emptying their libraries, with its 100 thousand copies. In the book, the infuencer speaks of the former Andrea Damante as a anaffettivo manipulator.

After seeing the article which reads “his book was fuffa and is ricascata in a story toxic”, of course, De Lellis has responded to the journalist. Giulia did he know his commenting on the post on Instagram the article on the profile of Lucarelli.

Giulia De Lellis writes to the Lucarelli: “that's True, but I in you, that of the horns you want, I was expecting more of a shoulder, a hand ready to let me drown, luckily I know swim very good!”. With this, as well as to respond to the article, Giulia confirms the history with Damante.

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The influencer continues in other words: “But that book, it is a truth passed, things that are successful put helping not only myself, but many other people. But what was remains, in part, in a book, as in this case, or in the mind.” Then Giulia does understand: he suffered a lot because of the betrayal of Andrea Damante, but is also grown, in rediscovering herself. The past is the past and if he had the courage to try again with Andrea, maybe it means that it is worth it.



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