Giulia De Lellis, jealous of Damante: so “light” its Andrea...


Published on Apr 22, 2020


Giulia and Andrea are now out officially in the open. The influencers, which is always very active on social media, decided to respond directly to some questions from followers and invited them to unveil their secrets more embarrassing. “I have a profile Instagram fake in which the spio who hate to not give you the satisfaction of doing it with my “ revealed one user.

Giulia answered very honestly confessing to having created her a profile and pretended to spy on anyone, not necessarily the people that are nice, in fact, it seems that the have used in the past to keep under control the numerous fans of Damante doting on the handsome dj in verona.

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The return of the flame between Giulia and Andrea fed the gossip in the last few weeks. After various clues on social and paparazzi spots, came the confirmation the final of the interested parties, until the publication of a story Instagram, which saw them train together in Pomezia. The two are, in fact, passing the quarantine at the home of the family of the influencer.

The decision to get back together with the ex suitor has cost of a lot of criticism at the De Lellis, since she, herself, had published a book that told of their history and of the betrayal of Andrea, painted as a manipulator anaffettivo, and, in various interviews to promote it, has always ruled out categorically the possibility of forgiving the ex and go back together.

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After the various accusations of falsehood and superficiality, who knows if admission have a profile with fake to monitor the boyfriend will at some point or will lose further consent...

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