Giulia De Lellis: “I have forgiven Damante two years ago because...”


Published on Apr 23, 2020


Giulia has made a direct Instagram to talk with his followers and telling of one's own state of mind, being disoriented because of his current relationship status. His fans, also rather confused, have addressed many questions on Andrea Damante and on the theme of betrayal.

The one that has troubled users, it was the decision of the influencer to forgive her ex-boyfriend after the discovery of the various betrayals, whereas on the story with the dj, veronese, and his trespass Giulia has written a book – The horns are good on everything, but I was better without them – where he painted so little edifying. Moreover, De Lellis had been in a lot of transmissions to reiterate with vehemently that it would never be able to forgive him. How come you decided to retrace his steps?

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Giulia has thus confessed: “I forgave him a day a long time ago (about two years ago, can not remember), we ended up talking about the thing, finished it all... In his eyes I felt something strong (he understood the caz**ta) that pushed me to quit a good-in spite of everything. He was handsome, young and light (not to say a little co***ne). It happened at all!”

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About the book, the influencer, said with confidence: “The riscriverei absolutely. Why not? Has done well to me and so many of you. And yes, it came out about a year after you wrote it, but relive it all has done me good anyway!” After two years of relations that were not important on the part of the dj veronese and a couple of stories series Giulia, the first with the singer Irama and then with the MotoGp rider Andrea Iannone, the two have found. Now they are passing it along to the quarantine in the town of Pomezia with the family of De Lellis and enjoy the love found.

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