Giulia De Lellis, earnings stellar with Instagram: here's what they perceive for each post

Published on Oct 23, 2018

Giulia De Lellis is one of the influencers with the largest following on Instagram. But many ask, when you earn money doing his post? Here are the figures for star

One of the protagonists of the Throne “Classic” of Men and Women by Giulia De Lellis, of the times of the throne of Andrea Damante, the afternoon programme of the queen of Mediaset Maria De Filippi and who has done a lot to speak of himself in these years is the beautiful influencer Giulia De Lellis.

In a recent interview with Free Daily newspaper, Giulia De Lellis, spoke about his life and his dreams. In particular, De Lellis has denied the recent rumors about a possible return of the flame that is between her and her ex-boyfriend, the Dj Andrea Damante, stressing that the history between the two, is now gone forever.

The beautiful model roman commented on her beautiful love story with Andrea Damante:

“There is not, and there will be a return. I have no regrets, now the ratio was saturated. Remains the remember beautiful of having built a true relationship in the place like tv.”

The influencer then silenced the rumors of a new romance with Christian Iovino, ridimensionandolo.

The former Damante, he immediately put the dots on the i, making it clear that there are special ties between them, for now just a simple flirt:

“At the moment they are taken from the work and do not have girlfriend. Christian is a great guy, but when I will even betroth thee unto someone, I'll be the first to speak up.”

Giulia De Lellis is one of the influencer in paid , after of course, the entrepreneur digital Chiara Ferragni and model, Mariano Di Vaio.

But De Lellis says very far from the figures earned from his colleagues by stating:

“There is a fixed number for each photo, there are packages that include long-term partnerships. I am pleased to be considered one of the most sought-after, but believe me, they are still far from those figures.”

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