Giulia De Lellis and Damante: “I made the step longer than the leg...”


Published on Apr 28, 2020


Now is a good bit that we know of the return of the flame between Giulia De Lellis and Damante. And, above all, we know that Giulia has forgiven the betrayal. The heart and mind have found peace, but recently, Giulia, has revealed that he would have wanted to go differently.

During a live Instagram with Simona Ventura, the influencers, the Italian has confessed that it was impossible to keep hidden their love. Giulia De Lellis, she explains: “we Wanted to keep for ourselves some of the things, to understand a bit about the situations. But apparently it is not possible to...”.

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Perhaps the 24-year-old lazio, after all the gossip and the book he wrote on the betrayal, would have preferred to keep the relationship secret with Andrea Damante. But Giulia explained it this way: “it is Not that I wanted to hide, but I wanted to keep it a moment for me”.

Then a hint of how things are going between her and the well-known sex symbol: “let's just Say that my heart and my head have not spoken for a while, they have discussed and then made peace. We are trying to understand, the good intentions are there”.

Perhaps the relationship between the influencer and the DJ is faltering again? We wish you the best and hope they find happiness together, but Giulia is the same to say: “I made the step longer than the leg”. But, despite some doubt, Julia says that she does not want to live without knowing what would happen.

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Finally, Giulia speaks of himself and explains that he only wants to be able to be serene and to abandon everything that the appesantiva. “I'm a very instinctive, perhaps too much and too often acting without thinking things. I'm trying to find my way. For many are a crazy fool, but I'm 24 years old and I don't want to have any regrets... I want to see that happen,” concludes Julia.

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