Giulia De Lellis and Andrea Damante: wedding in sight?


Published on May 01, 2020


After being caught together by the paparazzi, Giulia De Lellis in person has told you that you have forgiven, now, Andrea Damante, and to be back together after the break-up rider Andrea Iannone, in turn, the former Belen Rodriguez.

In a direct on Instagram on the channel of Simona Ventura, that has invented a series of episodes marked “I rest at home”, the girl has confessed to be in good company in its quarantine: “Here with me there's Andrea, this thing is now understood. We wanted to keep a little bit for us some of the things and better understand the situation but apparently is not possible. I didn't want to hide it, but I wanted to keep it a moment for me”.

Talking about the particular moment we are living, Giulia is defined fortunate to be able to spend the quarantine with his family and loved ones, including Andrea, with which it is clicked definitively the return of the flame: “let's just Say that my heart and my head have not spoken for a while, they discussed and then they made peace. The good intentions are there, I want to stay serene. I'm trying to understand, this quarantine is helping me. There were some things that made me feel good. And a’ chaos hallucinating, however, is a lot of fun,” said De Lellis.



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The former suitors of Men and Women has experienced a troubled history with the former tronista. The influencer has even written a book: “The horns are good on everything. But I was better off without!”, where he talked about all the ups and downs of the four years spent together with the beautiful Andrea. But now Giulia has left everything behind and came back with Andrea Damante. Currently, the two lovers are in the house of Pomezia of influencers and they're spending their quarantine together, as evidenced by their selves on a social network where you are back and very active, and where they share everything with their followers.

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The book came out about nine months ago: “The riscriverei. He has done well to me and to many of you; it came out when I was gone, after about a year, but relive it all has done me well, however,” said De Lellis, who always wants to have a baby. From his song, “the Lady” as he calls her, has never hidden the point to the wedding as soon as he reached the period of “maturity”. It seems that the time is coming when, in the chapter the most clamorous of the story sentimental with a happy ending between the dj and the influencer.

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According to the magazine People, the next step of Giulia De Lellis and Andrea Damante, which are now left uncovered, formalizing their return to the flame, it would be just the marriage. We read in the weekly that getting married and having a child was the idea of both, already before the crisis. Just out from Men and Women, where in 2016, we are well-known, had confided, “Both of we want to build a family and live, but we know that such a step involves sacrifices important. Between a year and a half or two you could already set a date”. We'll see.

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