Giulia De Lellis and Andrea Damante separated in quarantine


Published on May 05, 2020


The Phase 1 is over, and the dj veronese, he returned to Milan, as documented by a video in which he greets Giulia, and another where you travel on the highway. The influencer has decided to stay in Pomezia to be able to hug the grandchildren, Matilda and Penelope, and spend some family time. It seems that the two are more united than ever and have put aside the problems of the past. There are also voices that speak of a possible wedding in 2021.

In the past few days had made, however, to stir the declarations of private investigator milan Alessandro Rome to The daily Newspaper that has claimed to have evidence that Giulia was usual to betray Damante and then Iannone with celebrities, such as footballers and entrepreneurs. “She in the past has had escapades with famous footballers and entrepreneurs of high caliber, all the while was engaged with Damante, but especially when he was with Iannone,” said the investigator: statements all to prove obviously.

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Alexander Rome also claims that this return of the flame, and the rumors of a possible marriage are all strategies to earn. The attacks, again, to demonstrate, were quite strong vis-à-vis the influencers, and who knows if in the next few days will respond to the serious accusations of the investigator.

The two, according to the magazine People, however, are making serious and marriage may be in sight. Both, according to the magazine, have always had the desire to get married and have a son, already long before the crisis. Just out from Men and Women, where in 2016, we are well-known, in fact, had confided: “Both, we want to build a family and live, but we know that such a step involves sacrifices important. Between a year and a half or two you could already set a date”.

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