Giulia de Lellis and Andrea Damante far in phase 2: from Who the photos before the separation


Published on May 06, 2020


Have spent almost two months together in quarantine, to meet, to rediscover and also to reveal to the people of the Damellis who loves them, to be back a couple! We are obviously talking about Andrea Damante and Giulia de Lellis, who are back together since a couple of months and have told, even, to think of the future with a marriage and a family! Everything is going swimmingly so even if for the time being, phase 2, instead of merge them together, separated them! Giulia and Andrea have passed the quarantine together in Rome, with the mother and the brother of Giulia, and a friend. Now, however, once closed, partially lockdown, Andrea Damante, he went back to Milan, while Giulia has finally riabbracciato his adored grandchildren she hadn't seen in two months!

From the magazine Who arrive, however new shots stolen from the quarantine, before Giulia and Andrea had separated. The journal directed by Alfonso Signorini dedicates this week's cover right from Damellis, that continue to be a couple super followed and chat.

On social the journal that has the number on sale this week reads:

This week, which marks the gradual return to life after the lockdown imposed by the pandemic, the cover of the “Who” is dedicated to two couples that start the Phase 2 in the name of love: Giulia De Lellis and Andrea Damante, back together after a long crisis, and Diletta Leotta with Daniel “King Toretto” Scardina. The exclusive photos of the last days of the quarantine of these two pairs are the outputs from the isolation stronger than ever before

In photos published by the magazine Who, a few shots from the quarantine. Andrea while he plays the guitar, while you train and Giulia while he dedicates himself with love to her found the sun!

Shots of everyday life for Andrea and Julia!

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