Giucas Casella hypnotizes Nadia Rinaldi, who stays in his underwear Sunday Live (VIDEO)


Published on Mar 25, 2018


Moments of great embarrassment in the episode of Sunday Live broadcast on the 25th of march 2018. Even today, Giucas Box, he wanted to do his experiment and he wanted to use as a guinea pig, Nadia Rinaldi's but in this case, he did the classic experiment of hypnosis. Nadia, in fact, has been called to deal with a sensual dance that has surely affected the public at home, but that probably won't appeal to Nadia when you see them from the house. The reason is very simple: probably she was also very sensual but has remained virtually in their underwear, without which the present would do anything, including the tv presenter that he has left that Giucas to continue his experiment. In the depths of Nadia is seen completely, underpants clear under the black stockings. Clearly nothing that we have not seen with a bathing suit or other occasions, but given that the actress was wearing a dress very tight-fitting, with black stockings and underwear are white, the moment became really awkward. The experiment went forward with laughter: Giucas asked Nadia to laugh, then is passed to the scratch. He said, in fact, to Nadia of being assaulted by mosquitos and Rinaldi started itching.

When Nadia woke up, visibly shaken, he continued to scratch, still impressed for what had happened a few minutes before. Then he asked the presenter what had happened. Shame that this moment has been interrupted by advertising that arrives as always in moments less appropriate.

On social a lot of spectators have not enjoyed this moment:

#domenicalive @carmelitadurso I'd tell you to be ashamed of yourself and your guests ! But you the term modesty does not know it either !

— dominic romano (@dodo2994) march 25, 2018

I love Nadia Rinaldi 😂😂😂#domenicalive

— Federico Bonazzi (@BonazziFederico) march 25, 2018

And with this performance Rinaldi #domenicalive has broken through the barrier of the trash

— Princess Fessa (@prinbis) march 25, 2018

Who knows what will Rinaldi what he did under hypnosis, comment? The video, as always, is available on the site Mediaset.en.

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