Girl Hit in Colombia by Mark Millar and Ricardo Lopez Ortiz | Review


Published on Nov 10, 2018


The incredible park of IP created in the past few years by the volcanic Mark Millar, there is definitely one that stands out for madness, and a certain intellectual honesty that shines from its pages: Kick-Ass.

Of that franchise, and Millar has extracted as much as he could extract, including cult film – the first – and a real abortion - the second, only to then realize that the characters that populated that history was redundant from the point of view of the narrative and formal. The scot has decided to revive the “brand” by using a new protagonist – on a series of its own which we'll talk about in a few days – and the stratagem dear to the majors supereroistiche related to the “legacy” of their characters.

First, however, the author has decided to pick up what is undoubtedly one of the most successful and unique franchise that is Hit Girl dedicating a new miniseries that is placed after the end of the events of the main series.

We had left Hit Girl, aka Mindy McCready, leave New York and Dave Lizewsky that, hung up her costume, it was enlisted in the police, but the legacy of Kick-Ass could not go wasted, so Mindy had selected a new Kick-Ass to train.

Girl Hit in Colombia starts here with the new Kick-Ass that left the “mission”, leaving Hit Girl alone. For the young heroine then opens a new perspective: dispense justice around the world! The first step will be to Colombia, the place of signs of drug par excellence.

A mother seeks revenge for the murder of his son and hires the Hit-Girl to kill his killer, but Mindy has plans very different for the assassin feared throughout Colombia, Fabio, “Hand” Mendoza.

However, the plan Hit Girl is obviously not free from defects, and will unleash a war of all the field whose size will be less obvious either to his opponent/ally “Hand” for the person who had recruited.

With this mini-series Mark Millar takes up the measures of the fool to the universe of Kick-Ass pushing, as only he can, on the accelerator in an “unconscious”: everything that extreme, there was in the series and especially in the character of Hit Girl is concentrated in a story that for obvious displays his skill in the making of plot twist effective.

There is obviously the caustic irony that characterizes the character, nor the myriad of easter egg and references to the world of comics “real” – memorable, in this sense, the quote from the Batman of Tom King.

Pin of course the whole narration is the violence graphic and verbal, which allows the designer to Ricardo Lopez Ortiz (The drop-dead gorgeous Hulk) to splurge on a stretch of plastic, strong and extremely modern design, which is reminiscent of Skottie Young. The designer puerto rican builds table, simple but dynamic focusing very much on the expressiveness and exaggeration in the cineticità of the action scenes is a pity that the second half of the volume suffers a slight decline, with a stretch that is, at times, distracted and overly stylized.

Girl Hit in Colombia is a reading a little challenging and fun that will delight fans of scottish writer and franchise Kick-Ass, but that sins of the quid which had given depth to the saga main.

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