Giovanni Ciacci responds to allegations of Freccero and bet: away from Said Fact, because the Bailiff was finished


Published on Sep 25, 2019


Is going on a little bit of everything in the last hours, in the clash between Giovanni Ciacci and Carlo Freccero, director of Rai 2. It all started from the words of Freccero related to some choices made for the new season of the television network, and between these also the new faces arrived at Said Done and the goodbyes distinguished. Freccero, in an interview to the Magazine of the day spoke of the changes made on the network, and also Said that it will grow in terms of audience but has lost a protagonist of the previous editions as Giovanni Ciacci. Freccero stated in this regard: “John Ciacci has had a problem with the Rai, has had a conviction and could not be Said and Done. And it was him to resign” . These are the words of Freccero, to which he immediately answered John Ciacci, revealing that he had not had any conviction, and it also explains, for the first time, the real reason for which is gone Said and Done.

For the first time, then John Ciacci speaks of what happened:

The cause is in progress, because I took a dress from the Rai of Naples, without the bubble and I took it to a show Gattinoni on the television, where the Rai was the main sponsor. I have brought a dress without the bubble have been investigated for receiving stolen goods. I only brought the dress from one side to the other. Perhaps there are other reasons that I don't know. I believe in justice, this debate has lasted for five years and has been delayed several times. The taxpayers who pay the fee they have spent money for this process useless for today will cost more than 50 thousand euro.

And about his farewell Said and Done, wants to underline:

I went from Rai because Said Fact was sinking and I felt that it was so. The program was no longer what it once was, it is finished with the left Caterina Balivo

The rest that Ciacci, this new version of that Did not appeal for anything it was also understood from the various comments left on social and “like” other comments, not his. Last year, however, the weather seemed to clear and congratulations for Bianca Guaccero was wasted...

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