Giorgio Panariello tells the story of a Sunday IN his childhood, without parents but with the love of a grandparent


Published on Nov 17, 2019


Among the successes of the past and present, career and satisfactions, Giorgio Panariello has told in a long interview with Mara Venier ON a Sunday. In the episode aired on November 17, 2019, however, it also speaks of his family, of the great affection that grandparents have been able to give to the actor. “I have no recriminations to do because my grandparents they raised me as parents, for which I have not felt any lack,” said Giorgio Panariello in his interview to Mara Venier. Two grandparents were the parents even if Giorgio a mother, he did but he never took care of him. And the father does not know practically nothing, no one has ever said who he was.

His was a difficult childhood but full of love and serenity, this I want to clarify on several occasions in his interview.

Among the memories is also one of the snack that George was taking her to school. In the folder could not miss the sandwich with anchovies, super full of oil. “My grandmother was preparing this sandwich, I was ashamed because they had all the snacks, but as for us, we couldn't afford it. However, some companion, while I ate secretly asked me if he could give u a bite!” said Panariello, remembering his life at school. Among other things, that the grandmother made, the banana in the folder. “Once me and the forgot and went on holiday, upon return there was a stink absurd, every time I smell banana and leather I remember of my childhood,” said the actor.

Mara recalled the monologue of the message that George had imagined it to send to his father, a man she has never known. “Never have I known but you no one has ever warned you of my existence,” he said in that monologue Panariello.

In reviewing those images is Mara Giorgio you were touched. “I did it because telling the truth was the thing that had to be done, remove the superstructure, it is right to tell and share. I thought I would never do harm to anyone. I thought about who I could send a ideal message to my father, who knows nothing about me, and I did,” said Panariello. “In the course of my career have been relatives, like mushrooms, my father no, then I think that he does not know,” said George.

The only time that she felt to be perhaps a little different was that his companions asked him where his father was.

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