Giorgio Manetti reveals his dream marriage with Tina Cipollati

Published on Sep 26, 2018

Giorgio Manetti in an interview with the weekly reveals of his projects and the idea of wanting to organize the wedding of Tina Cipollati

It is work to take it away from the studies of Men and Women. Giorgio Manetti, with his new trend, and is ready to organize even the marriage of Tina Cipollati.

The former knight of the Throne Over Men and Women, Giorgio Manetti, in an interview for the magazine, she talks about her new company, started last September 17. A business born in collaboration with her friend Monica, who has been working in this field for 15 years, George arranges marriages.

Whatever the budget available, the Manetti admits that he is always ready to help any couple:

“Do not snub anyone”

George does not organize only weddings, but also many other events. Apparently by Manetti can also prepare the Bar Mitzvah. The knight is super busy. Not participating in the program to avoid disgrace his figure given that he is misunderstood.

Tina Cipollati is currently linked to Vincent. After the end of the marriage with Chicco Nalli, the Cipollati has started a beautiful love story with the well-known restaurateur. George continues to stay up to date on what is happening in the program.

And now hopes to be able to him with his company to organize the wedding:

“I hope to be to plan her wedding!”

And what a gift would do to his sparrow?

“A wedding gift definitely him I will, but I will say more: if Monica will agree, is it possible that my second gift is to offer you the free receipt.”

An important gesture to George. Only beautiful words for the columnist:

“I want them really, really well”.

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