Giorgio Manetti reveals Gemma Galgani ‘sent Me a message...

Published on Oct 11, 2018

Giorgio Manetti and Gemma Galgani apparently felt out of the program. That you are called? The lady has tried to recover the relationship

Giorgio Manetti and Gemma Galgani have been together for several months. Their story made headlines all over Italy. Now that the knight is no more reveals you still have a good relationship with the lady.

Giorgio Manetti has left the throne over a long time. He left the Throne Over Men and Women but it has not stopped at all his relationship with Gemma Galgani. The Seagull has confessed in an interview to the weekly New have heard recently in turin.

She was writing a text message to ex-boyfriend, on the occasion of his new job. The florentine has in fact left the program Channel 5 to devote to his events company, the George Manetti Lifestyle.

The lady wished a happy using these words:

“Gemma made me the best wishes for this new adventure. The first person to make, out by the staff of Maria De Filippi, which she was, with a message. And I very much appreciate this gesture.”

The former Knight of the tuscan, however, exclude the possibility of a return of the flame.

He makes it clear that their is now only a friendship:

“She knows that it's over. Of course it may happen that I find myself in Turin or her to Florence and there we have a coffee for a nice chat among friends. I think a smart woman”

In addition to a new work also has another woman:

“Out of the transmission I started to see a person, and rightly so, when I was inside of Men and Women I attended with assiduity. And I'm enjoying this period of peace with her, a woman that has nothing to do with the program”

It is not Anna German but there is one that is not familiar to the world of tv.

But Anna German, and Gemma Galgani, are not the only women in the transmission that continues to be heard. Giorgio Manetti reveals that in the list of contacts there is also the young sparrow Tina Cipollati. The two have always been great friends and the Seagull knows by Vincenzo, the new boyfriend of the commentator of Men and Women.

How is Vincenzo?

A good person, very generous and helpful.

He hopes soon to be able to realize his marriage.

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