Giorgio Manetti is back on tv? The latest rumors

Published on Nov 03, 2018

Giorgio Manetti, a well-known knight of the throne over Men and Women, gave an interview in which she speaks of a possible return to tv. Here's what he said. Men and Women, Giorgio Manetti and Gemma Galgani

Giorgio Manetti became popular thanks to her participation in Men and Women between the parterre of the knights of the throne over. Has made itself heard above all for having started a relationship with Gemma Galgani. Their history lasted only eight months, but in the study of the program of Maria De Filippi continued to talk about it for years.

Gemma Galgani, in fact, has tried several times to retake it but for George it is a closed chapter. In the new season of Men and Women, however, the knight has decided not to participate more in the transmission for the numerous criticisms that have been addressed, in particular by Gianni Sperti and to devote to a new business project.

Guest some time ago by Barbara D'urso on Sunday, Live, George had announced new projects. Also in the interview with the weekly True, more recently, the 62enne reiterated that soon “there will no surprises” and that he would like to go back to work in tv.

The “seagull” is already the owner of a company that organizes events called Giorgio Manetti Lifestyle that has an international feel. The man had said that he would like to extend this activity and to be able to create around a format as it is a thing unheard of. The new television programme could, therefore, be about his business? Or, in what other tv program we could see the new Giorgio Manetti?

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