Giorgio Manetti ‘betrays’ Tina Cipollati with Barbara D'urso

Published on Oct 14, 2018

The seagull florentine guest on Sunday Live

Today in the afternoon Giorgio Manetti was a guest on Sunday Live to be interviewed by Barbara D'urso. The seagull fiorentino has revealed some details about her life but also spoke of Gemma Galgani. But let's see specifically what he said to lady Cologno.

Before coming to the Throne Over Men and Women, Giorgio Manetti has done several jobs including a hair salon for males, but also the consultant, salesman, and bartender.

“I didn't do the folds to the lord, but to men only”,

he said the former florentine knight. Then in 2004, he auditioned for both Men and Women but at that time there was the parterre senior. After ten years, the authors of the dating show, they called saying that Maria De Filippi has been very gentle with him. In the first event George was shocked, above all for the exuberance of Tina Cipollati that the nicknamed sparrow.

Then George Manetti revealed to Barbara D'urso in the second round of the Throne Over Men and Women came Gemma Galgani is where it all started.

“And’ a rubber wall, it is tremendous, it has a character of steel”,

said the seagull fiorentino. Finally, the latter has also remembered their first kiss, which he considered to be a real tsunami. What do think the lady in turin this interview? Will come with its replica?

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