Giorgio Cavazzano: interview with the Master of the art of disney and not only that – Lucca Comics & Games 2017


Published on Nov 07, 2017


Be faced with the maestro Giorgio Cavazzano it's like having in front a piece of cartoon history.

Over his fifty-year career as a draftsman, especially in the sign of the Disney and character that have marked her success. Thanks to the courtesy of Panini Comics we have had the opportunity to interview the master Cavazzano during the Lucca Comics & Games 2017.

Master Cavazzano, has passed the fifty-year career. He had a path in the dazzling starting from a young age to collaborate with Disney, it looks like a pretty foregone question, but: is satisfied with his career?

A lot of it, I never imagined to have so much enthusiasm and making a work that can give me so much want to put me constantly in the game and want to always create something new.

In his career he did everything a designer could ever wish for, but is there any dream that is still left in the drawer?

I have to say that the drawers, I always try to open them. Dreaming is beautiful, but I try to live as much as possible in reality and make it concrete as possible.

She has not only worked for Disney. One of his collaborations, the most famous about the series Altai & Jonson, made together with Tiziano Sclavi. What can you tell us about that experience and about Tiziano Sclavi?

Thanks Titian, I realized that I could have a style that is parallel to the beginning of the industrial revolution. I remember that I started the series of the Altai & Jonson drawing in a way, and closed by drawing it in another. Sclavi has helped me a lot in this process of maturation of a style, parallel.

About Sclavi, she has recently made one of the Grouchini that Sergio Bonelli Editore has presented and put on sale right here at the Lucca Comics & Games 2017. What was it like working on the Groucho?

I enjoyed it very much. The writer of the story who is Francesco Artibani is an author with whom I had already worked so I have not experienced any difficulties during this experience, and indeed, I must say that I discovered a Groucho so extraordinary that I think deserves to have more stories of their own.

The love and the link with Disney was born before they even began to collaborarci?

Well I started to work with Disney that I was 14 years old, I was really very small, so much of that world I met him working on it from a young age. I didn't know yet, authors such as Carl Barks is, I have appreciated over time. So I would say that love and career have gone hand in hand towards Disney.

In the course of this year it was published Topo Maltese, a story from her own designed that pays homage to Hugo Pratt, and that celebrates its fifty years of career. Many have already called it a masterpiece. What do you think?

I think that was the best way to pay homage to the great Hugo Pratt and to celebrate my fifty-year career. Pratt was a friend of mine, and I'm glad to have done something that the rievocasse. I am very pleased that it is considered to be a masterpiece, it is definitely a something.

Giorgio Cavazzano: interview with the Master of the art of disney and not only that – Lucca Comics & Games 2017 is




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