Giorgio Armani, the collection is the “Milanese " Palette”, as a tribute to Milan and gray

Published on Dec 04, 2015

His insights and his incredible visions of genius have consecrated the undisputed King of Italian fashion. The unstructured jackets, the cuts, the proportions were revisited, there are an infinite number of aspects and details that have made and continue to make a unique style of Giorgio Armani in the world.

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A style which has revolutionized the male and female fashion in forty years, and a little more of the story, and which passes also through an aesthetic that has found strength in the colors. In neutral tones, in the first place, such as the black, the blue, the legendary greige, that is not color between the grey and the beige and then the gray. Already. The grey has always been one of its leitmotifs, just look at its fashion shows, of yesterday and of today, his campaigns, his men's clothes often come in gray, or better, in countless nuances, because although the human eye it perceives to be the only 16, it seems that Armani is able to give us always to see a few more. Solid male for excellence according to Armani, the grey-suited, it is easy to use in everyday life, even when presented in the total look.

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“Choose to wear only one color is an exercise temprante” – says giorgio Armani – ” it Helps you to less of the superfluous. The gray total is my idea of urban camouflage: it is the perfect color for the metropolis, to dress with care without giving unnecessarily in the eye. Is the color of my Milan, but not only. It is a color timeless, cross-sectional, versatile, for men with a strong personality.”

In the autumn-winter collection, a part of the collection at the Milan Palette is a tribute to the much beloved and appreciated gray, the color of the Milan par excellence, that Armani has several times declared to be the city that most of the brought good luck.


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