Giorgia to True: all the pain after the death of Alex Baroni, years of heel for the singer


Published on Mar 01, 2019


In the episode of True floods of march 2, 2019, for the first time a True, Giorgia, will be received in the studio of Silvia University where she opens up about a part of his private, but not only. Between the moments the most touching moment of this interview, there will be declarations of Georgia, in relation to the period's complicated past after the death of Alex Baroni. Giorgia, interviewed by Silvia University has told me they have never been good at talking about this topic, never find the right words but at the same time you have to do it because the Barons was a great artist of the Italian music and should be remembered.

Here are the words of Giorgia to True:

“His loss was a chasm in my life and that of his family. The evening before he died I had left a message on the phone which I had not responded. This message I kept it for a long time, then I deleted... I think it was a sign.”

To try to move forward, despite the pain, georgia has received the help of loved ones but especially that of the experts. The singer says:

“I really don't know how I did it. It seems to have happened a moment ago. I had a number of years of disbandment, years devastating. It takes time to withdraw a little bit. I have been helped by friends and by twenty years of psychoanalysis”.

Thanks to Emanuel, georgia has found love once again and with the birth of Samuel to the family he dreamed of. Apparently the dancer has also asked Giorgia to marry him but since she never put to organize anything, the marriage was celebrated. On little Samuel instead:

“Finally, after seven years, we tried, it came to Samuel. I lived this with great sadness, but in the moment that I gave up mentally to the idea of becoming a mother, came this blond wonderful”.

The full interview Giorgia's to-morrow: "True" comes always after 16,10 on Channel 5.

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