Ginger: properties and benefits for the sports and diet


Published on Jun 13, 2019


Ginger: properties and benefits for the sports and diet. Perhaps not everyone knows that Ginger is a great training for the sports! The beneficial properties of ginger root are well-known : in fact, it can make health benefits that science is gradually deepening

Ginger is a spice rich in essential oil and active principles that make it a nourishment is very important for our body due to its anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants.

The ginger has a well known anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antioxidant, digestive and anti-bacterial. Taken with some regularity, the ginger helps to:

Ginger is one of the foods most suitable for those who love the sport and plays it with regular physical activity. It is, in fact, a spice very useful to assist the physical activity and counteract some of the negative effects of secondary training such as joint pain and muscle inflammation.

The NEGATIVE EFFECTS OF the SPORT: it combats swelling, pain and retention

Ginger is a spice that is used since ancient times and has beneficial properties really very interesting.

You have followed a workout that is particularly heavy? Feel the after effects of squats or chin-ups? Muscles and joints beg for help? The solution is ginger!

According to Christopher D. Black, head of the Department of Kinesiology, Georgia State University,

“the daily consumption of the root results in a reduction of acute pain after activities that can cause muscle trauma”.

And all this thanks to its pain-relieving properties and anti-inflammatory properties.

Not to mention that, its combined with regular physical activity, helps you lose weight. Ginger is in fact a herbaceous plant of which we use the dried roots, or fresh that has a thermogenic effect, is able to produce heat increasing the calories you burn.

Ginger is also very useful to help your diet. We have to clarify immediately that there is no food that, if ingested, can make you lose weight. But the effect of “fat-burning” ginger is not a hoax! Thanks to the gingerolo, an active ingredient contained in ginger, known for its thermogenic effects. What it means to thermogenic effect? That can increase body temperature and therefore burn more fat.

The gingerolo is responsible for the typical spicy aftertaste of the ginger, and, being a substance's thermogenic, helps increase the body temperature, giving a jolt to the metabolism and burn fat. But if we talk about diet, ginger is also useful in an indirect way. Here's why:

Ginger is doing very well but, like any food, should be taken with the policy. Consumption is not recommended in the case of taking certain types of medications such as anticoagulants and antiplatelet drugs. This is because it would in fact enhance the effectiveness.

Attention not to exceed with the consumption of ginger! Can in fact create problems of a gastrointestinal tract, producing effects diametrically opposite to those desired.

The nutritional values per 100 grams of ginger root:

There is a quantitative standard to take. The thing that is important to note the benefits of ginger is a daily intake or, in any case, is rather frequent. Broadly recommended amount can vary between 10 and 30 grams daily. Can simply be grated at the end of cooking on pasta, meat, fish, rice or vegetables. Or it can be used to prepare sweet recipes, refreshing drinks, herbal teas or infusions.

To get the maximum benefits from the ginger it is preferable to take fresh, but is very valid even ginger powder.

The herbal tea of ginger is a panacea for our body. It contains in itself all the beneficial properties of ginger root and is very easy to prepare.

Herbal tea with ginger, ingredients:

Preparation of the herbal tea of ginger:

Prepare the herbal tea of ginger is easy and fast. Boil the water. Wash and peel the ginger root. Grattugiarne a teaspoon or two. Put the ginger in the infusion for about 15 minutes, covering with a lid. Wait for the water to become warm, and filter. Add the juice of one lemon (if done when the water has become lukewarm, it preserves the vitamin C). Add honey; very good in case of sore throat or cough, but should be avoided in the event you drink herbal tea to purpose cleanser.

If you want to sweeten the drink, avoiding the use of honey, you can choose to add Stevia, a natural sweetener with zero calories. It is also possible to enrich the herbal tea, ginger with other spices, such as:

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